New Power-Ups

It's been a while since I updated Code Clicker. This time I've added a new kind of power-up: the boost power-ups!

These kind of power-ups boost the already bought purchases for 25 seconds, making the bitcoin collection way faster and more rewarding. Currently there are only two of those but I'll add more in future updates. I also added two new item upgrades, you can find those in the shop.

Code Clicker is almost finished. The game started out just as a pet project to hone my UI skills when using Unity (which were very poor when I started), and then I uploaded it as my first game to start building a strong portfolio, and because it was kind of a fun game as well. Thanks to all the people who have played it (and those who read these devlogs as well!) for playing it. I have more game ideas for the future and I'll share them here on Itch when I get them in a playable form.

For the time being, enjoy!


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Nov 12, 2017

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